Four Rules for Effective Advertising

While types of advertising will vary, there are very few companies or brands for which advertising is not a staple. Whether you’re launching a new brand or repositioning an old one, there is really no better or faster way to communicate the value proposition of your product or service to the masses.

With that said, advertising isn’t as easy as just spending some money and watching your business grow. As a matter of fact, studies have consistently shown that there is no direct correlation between the dollars you invest and the results you achieve. While spending more is generally better than spending less, success is dependent more on the quality of your advertising than the quantity.

Quality Beats Quantity

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Only do quality advertising. The difficult part is that not many people are good at building quality ads. Those that are good at it have spent years in the business learning how to build effective ads and have paid the price learning it. Here are a few quick rules you can follow to make sure you get started down the right path.

Rule # 1: Find someone who knows how to build an effective advertising campaign. Don’t assume someone can build quality ads just because they’re in the business. Ask a lot of questions and make sure they understand how effective ads are built and what forms of media are most effective for what types of advertising. If they can’t explain it to you in a convincing manner they probably don’t know.

Rule # 2: Find the right message and don’t get too caught up in art or subtlety. While your ads should be appealing, appeal is in the eye of your consumer. The best ads are those that speak to your targeted consumer in a genuine and compelling manner. It doesn’t do you any good to get your name out if it’s not getting to the right people in a way that will appeal to them. If your message isn’t working, pull the plug and get it right.

Rule # 3: Repetition, repetition, repetition. Once you’ve found the right message you need to keep it in front of them. This reinforces your message to the consumers who have seen it and helps you attract new ones who haven’t. While there is a point of diminishing return you will usually not meet it for many years.

Rule # 4: Be focused and disciplined in your placement. While I said earlier that spending more is generally better than spending less, efficiency is the best approach unless your budget is unlimited. Select the media options that work best for your audience and your objectives.

Strategize First

Following these guidelines is not a guarantee of success but it will definitely improve your chances. A good advertising strategy can have an amazing effect on your business but bad advertising doesn’t do much beyond draining your resources. Find a professional you can work with a build an effective campaign that will fit your budget. Before long, your budget will start to grow to match your business success.

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